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from Kati Singer:

"About a half year ago I was visiting a friend in Tel Aviv. We planned a nice Friday morning at the flea market and the city. She had with her a charming fabric bag where she kept some small items. The bag was made in India, with the old block printing technique. Where you did you buy that bag I asked. In an art gallery for ethnic arts, and they giving it with your purchase, it’s not far away.. let’s see  if its open…


When I entered to the Dervish gallery it was like I came into Aladdin’s cave. My love and passion is ethnic art and especially ethnic jewelry. I was amazed that I had'nt heard about the shop earlier, only at the 50th anniversary of the shop. But better late like never…


At the gallery you can find large selections of artifacts, sculptures, clothes, fabrics, hand-woven and hand-dyed scarves and bags, embroidered pillows, hand woven textiles, dolls and masks old beads and huge selection of silver jewelry. No cheap tourist junk, only authentic ethnic goods.


I met the shop’s owner Doreen. Her knowledge about the items is absolutely amazing. Since then I have been there lots of times. I purchased wonderful clothes and silver jewelry that I had not seen anywhere else. Also I‘m richer today, with a lovely friend - Doreen."

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